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     Amicra AFC

Fully Automatic High Accuracy Micro Assembly Cell



     Key Features

  • 0.5M Placement accuracy
  • Cycle time <30sec
  • Flip-Chip option
  • Assembly of chip & micro-optics
    • WDM, optoelectronic components, micro-lenses, micro-mechanics
  • Die sorting
  • Wafer Mapping
  • Eutectic bonding via diode-laser or heating plate
  • Epoxy stamping & dispensing
  • UV cure option
  • Active / Passive alignment
  • Active bond force control
  • Post bond inspection
  • Modular machine concept


High Precision Bondhead

  • Bondhead for final alignment

  • Active bond force control

  • XY-Piezo axis

    • resolution: 0.1M

    • working area X/Y: 300M/500M

  • Rotatable bond-tool

    • resolution: 0.01

    • working area: 360


Die pick-up from GelPAK

UV Glue dispensing

UV Cure option


Amicra AFC Video    Amicra AFC+ Video           Amicra AFC brochure (PDF)


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