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Condor 150-4HF


  • xyztec has developed a new test system called the CONDOR 150-4HF which is capable of measuring forces up to 500 kgf.

  • The new CONDOR 150-4HF utilises a special 360 rotatiotion to support a fully automated shear test on all critical postions.

  • Also an optional Z-stage for push/pull forces up to 500 kgf is avaliable.

  • This makes the new Condor 150-4HF highly qualified for testing IGBT power modules.






XPC031503 XYZTEC 2008, version 04-12-08

  • The travel distance is 120 mm for the X,Y stage and 190 mm for the Z stage. An optional quick mount assembly is able to support up to 500 kgf shear/push/pull testing. Included with the Condor 150-4HF are the special mounting table for the work holder, 2 joysticks and Windows based software with automation. The Condor 150-4HF uses the standard XYZTEC measurement unit interface.


  • Operator safety

The higher forces require more extensive safety precautions. Our Condor 150-4HF system is fitted with an optional safety cover which also offers both flexibility and ease of use. This safety cover is fitted with independent safety switches. When the cover is opened it is supported by two dampers on each side. This makes it easy to exchange a tool, test sample or the work holder. The safety switches ensure that the tester will stop testing as long as the cover is not closed.


  • Condor 150-4HF base

Condor 150-4HF base with very rigid support on the left and on the right side. The Y-stage has also been equipped with a high force linear guide that is qualified for 500 kgf shear testing.


  • Optional Z-stage:

Z-stage motor assembly for Condor 150-4HF. This option is required for push/pull tests up to 500 kgf.

  • Special measurement units:

Shear Measurement Unit (SMU) 500 kgf. This unit is developed for shear forces up to 500 kgf.

Lift Measurement Unit (LMU) 500 kgf. This unit is developed for push/pull forces up to 500 kgf.

For both measurement units tools, are not included.

For high forces, customised tools are required. Customised workholders are also needed for forces above 200 kgf and depends on the type of samples to be tested. xyztec also offers a special self aligning shear tool for die shear testing.


Condor 150 Video          Condor 150-4HF (PDF)






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